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Pamplin's Undergraduate Mentoring Programs (PUMP)

The mission of the Pamplin Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP) is to provide support to students with their transition into and through college by connecting them with resources to help them develop academically, personally, and professionally in the classroom and in their careers.

Programming at each level is tailored to students in their current academic year and stage of their career readiness. PUMP peer mentors are carefully selected and trained to offer advice and guidance while providing their own student perspective on the Pamplin experience. PUMP also provides opportunities for current students to build relationships and network with notable Pamplin alumni working in the business industry. In addition to alumni connections, PUMP provides a series of professional workshops presented by corporate sponsors and potential employers. The PUMP programs are designed to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming environment to help our students reach success in their undergraduate and post-graduate lives.


PUMP workshops are customized for students at each year of their college career. As you progress through the program you will learn many different beneficial skills and resources. Our corporate partners provide wonderful opportunities to connect and network with them during these workshops as well. 

Pamplin students in any academic year are encouraged to join the PUMP Programs. PUMP provides participants with academic, social, and professional resources and opportunities so they can have the best possible Pamplin experience and set themselves up for continued success. Corporate sponsors present engaging workshops in each program and support students along their academic journeys. 

First-year participants are paired with an upperclassmen Peer Mentor who will help with the transition to Virginia Tech and serve as a college resource. Sophomore participants have a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork through the Sophomore PUMP Case Competition. Junior and senior participants are connected to our Alumni Mentors to encourage networking and building industry connections.

The PUMP Peer Mentor position offers exceptional students the opportunity to be both leaders on campus and mentors to first-year Pamplin students. Mentors are committed to helping their PUMP mentees adjust to life at Virginia Tech and transition to Pamplin academically and socially. 

Pamplin Alumni have the opportunity to serve as mentors to the Junior and Senior PUMP participants (many of which are PUMP peer mentors) throughout the academic year. This is an ideal time for our notable alumni to connect with this group since they are in the process of looking and preparing for internships and full-time jobs. These mentors will be asked to engage with our students at least once a semester. These mentors will make a significant impact in helping prepare our students for the business industry.

If interested in participating, please complete the following survey.

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