Pamplin's Undergraduate Mentoring Programs (PUMP)

Pamplin’s Undergraduate Mentoring Programs (PUMP) assist incoming students with their college transition by providing positive academic, professional, and social environments outside of the classroom. PUMP peer mentors are selected and trained to offer academic advice and guidance to incoming students while providing their own student perspective on the Pamplin experience. PUMP also provides a series of professional workshops for peer mentees and peer mentors. These professional workshops will include topics such as building your brand, networking, and interviewing.

Becoming a PUMP peer mentor

The PUMP peer mentor position offers exceptional students the opportunity to be both leaders on campus and mentors to new students participating in the PUMP program. Mentors are committed to helping their PUMP students adjust to life at Virginia Tech.

In addition to attending monthly professional workshops, mentors coordinate social activities with their mentee group and provide coverage for mentee study hall hours. The time spent mentoring and preparing for activities varies but usually averages around four to five hours per week.

If you are interested in making a positive impact on first-year students and helping others to avoid some of the mistakes you made during your first year at Virginia Tech, please read the “Responsibilities,” “Benefits,” and “Application Requirements” sections below:

  • Serve as an energetic and enthusiastic volunteer to help first-year students succeed at Virginia Tech and the Pamplin College of Business
  • Provide assistance and support for first-year students with a focus on a smooth transition, acclimation, and a sense of belonging
  • Help first-year students feel comfortable by being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns
  • Serve as a resource and positive role model for students new to the College
  • Work as a team with fellow peer mentors
  • Participate in monthly professional development workshops
  • Attend monthly peer mentor meetings with the PUMP advisor

Peer mentors have the opportunity to:

  • Build close relationships with new students
  • Develop interpersonal skills and learn about personal and professional leadership
  • Become recognized as a student leader
  • Meet representatives of PUMP’s corporate partners

The peer mentor application process for the 2017-2018 academic year position is complete.

The deadline to apply for the PUMP peer mentor position for the 2017-2018 academic year has passed.

Becoming a PUMP Peer Mentee

Any new freshman or transfer student in the Pamplin College of Business is eligible to join PUMP as a peer mentee.

  • All peer mentees will be paired with a trained upperclassmen mentor who is excited to help with the transition to Virginia Tech.
  • Peer mentors will provide valuable information on campus resources, organizations, and classes.
  • Mentees attend exclusive workshops delivered by campus leaders and recruiting companies.
  • Mentees develop friendships while gaining a better understanding of Virginia Tech, Pamplin, their academic major, and professional opportunities in business.
  • Leadership opportunities become available as future mentors.
  • Weekly study hall hours with fellow peer mentees (may be exempt or requirements may decrease in the Spring semester based on Fall semester GPA)
  • Regular social activities with assigned mentor and fellow mentees
  • Monthly workshops with employers and corporate partners
  • Monthly meeting with mentor/mentee group and assigned recent alumni mentor

More details are provided in the peer mentor registration survey.

The deadline to register as a PUMP mentee for the 2017-2018 academic year has passed.

PUMP Student Testimonials

PUMP definitely eased my transition from high school into Pamplin. Not only was my mentor helpful in that she gave me tips on how to succeed in my classes, but she also created opportunities to study and socialize with other mentees. Through PUMP, I was additionally able to meet and befriend a great group of dedicated people who share a passion for studying business. – Brittany Rosenthal Class of 2017, Accounting and Information Systems
PUMP was a great program to get involved with during my first year at Virginia Tech. Besides the helpful workshops and designated study sessions, my favorite part of the program was growing closer to the others in my mentoring group by meeting up, studying together, and going out to dinner. My involvement with PUMP helped me get to know a number of great individuals, know what to expect throughout my freshman year, and know what to expect in my future at Virginia Tech! – Jean-Luc Ford, Class of 2015 President, Marketing Management
PUMP is one of the BEST programs that I have been in so far at Tech; it has bonded me with many driven and talented individuals as well as several faculty members. I truly do not think that my freshman experience here would be the same if it were not for this opportunity! – Michelle Fultz, Class of 2017, Management

PUMP Advisor