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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Excellence Awards

Pamplin College of Business establishes the Diversity Excellence Awards to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and excellence in exemplifying contributions of Pamplin community members towards these causes. To achieve this purpose, the Diversity Excellence Awards will be given to individuals whose contributions and services are assessed to be significant DEIB causes within Pamplin. Awards are made to four groups: (1) undergraduate students, (2) graduate students, (3) staff, including A/P faculty, (4) T&R faculty. Two awards (an award and an honorable mention) may be given to each group. Diversity Excellence Award recipients will be awarded $2000; Honorable Mention recipients will be awarded $1000.

Nominations & Eligibility:

  • Nominations may come from alumni, students, faculty, department heads, directors, deans, community members. Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Individuals who have already received this award may be considered for the award again.
  • The award may be granted to two or more individuals together or to an organization where the contributions and services were done jointly, not otherwise.
  • Recipients must be current members or students of the Pamplin College of Business.

Nomination Package Instructions:

  • Nominators should prepare the required documentation so that the Award Committee can review the nominee's contributions and services.
  • Required Elements: (i) Nomination Letter or Nomination Form (see below)
  • Nomination letter must include the following information:
    1. Nominator’s name and relationship with the nominee.
    2. Nominee’s name, email, and function (Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Staff, Faculty).
    3. Nominee’s office/department, year/major (if student nominee).
    4. Supportive reasons why this individual should receive the award. Please use specific examples to show how this individual has contributed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging (e.g., Classroom interactions, Mentorship, Group Work Participation, Event Organization, Talks, Research, Outreach, etc.).  
    5. Which communities has the nominee positively impacted and how (e.g. racial minority groups, gender minority groups, sexual identity minority groups, Under-served groups (economic), Pamplin Community, Virginia Tech Community, Blacksburg Community)
  • Optional Elements: Any additional documents needed to support the nomination such as additional references, CV, media articles, certificates, etc.


Nomination Package must be emailed to by 5pm on April 15, 2024. 

Nomination Package.pdf