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Pamplin, Department, and Program Lockups

The Pamplin College of Business lockup is the master lockup for the college. Each school and department under Pamplin then has its own logo. All lockups come in two orientations, horizontal and vertical. Within the download file, there are two color modes, CMYK (print) and RGB (social, web). Each color mode has a Full Color, Black, Gray, White, and White & Orange versions. 

Please visit the University Brand Center to:

  • Download Pamplin’s official master lockups.
  • Download Pamplin department, program, and unit lockups.

To access the lockups on this page, please refer to the Primary Brand Extension lockup sets list (alphabetical order) or use the search bar in the center of the page. If you do not see your lockup included or are seeking a new lockup or graphic identity, please email