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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Job growth in the United States depends heavily on innovative new businesses. Experiential learning and mentoring opportunities related to entrepreneurship can assist students in developing the skills and traits for succeeding in start-up environments.

Pamplin’s Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has a key role to play in advancing student education and faculty research in innovation and entrepreneurship, facilitating the commercialization of intellectual property developed at Virginia Tech, and promoting entrepreneurship in Virginia.

Intelligence and Analytics

The systematic analysis of vast collections of business data to inform and improve business decisions and performance has found applications throughout organizations, including in accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain management, human resources, and strategic planning.

Pamplin’s Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics supports faculty research in the college and elsewhere on campus, curricular initiatives for students, and outreach to the business community, with a focus on innovative applications of analytics.

International Business

Being prepared to work in a diverse workplace and to operate effectively in other countries is an essential part of business education.

Pamplin has long been educating students for the global marketplace and supports opportunities abroad for faculty that will enhance their teaching and research. Through its study-abroad programs, the college is a leader at Virginia Tech in the percentage of graduates completing an international experience.