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Photography & Videography

Photography and video are two essential ways to capture the essence of the Pamplin College Brand. Through the use of imagery, students, faculty and staff, and outsiders can access a resource that the mind associates with Pamplins’ brand, therefore, strengthening the culture between Pamplin and Virginia Tech.


Action shots conveying student life, Professor research, and student/ Professor interaction is preferred. When it is not possible to document live action, posed portraits of professors and students in environmental settings can communicate their work, interests, and personalities. Iconic locations for Pamplin are staples and should be taken in dynamic and dramatic lighting. Make sure that still building shots are second to live action shots.

Photo Library

For access to the Pamplin photo library please visit :, access is free. To access the university’s photo library go to Contact University Relations Photography for access. Working with University Relations photographers is an opportunity to elevate the impact of your storytelling with branded photography


Sweeping, dynamic action shots of students and professors are optimal for footage for Pamplin. Settings such as class rooms, meeting rooms and the Pamplin College of Business are the best backgrounds for this footage. Panned shots of Pamplin and its architecture are also encouraged to create dramatic story telling for Pamplin.