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Brand Visual Style

The visual standards for publications and all other media ensure that communications from Pamplin speak with a clear and uniform voice that best represents the image and brand of Pamplin.

  • Use of the Pamplin logo
  • Use of Pamplin Teal as a primary accent color in addition to the Virginia Tech Maroon and Orange
  • Predominance of sans-serif fonts, both for headlines and body text
  • Primary photography focusing on the environment of the subjects shown with hands-on interaction.
  • A contemporary uncluttered design with liberal use of white space and a color palette that reflects a forward looking approach
  • A flexible grid design that organizes information using type treatment and visible grid lines to underscore the dynamic innovative, results-driven nature of the university
  • All Pamplin marketing materials and ads should use the official Pamplin logo
  • Incorporate new brand graphic elements and diagonal photo masks & blocks.

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