Dear Pamplin College of Business Community,

Today, we learned of a dispiriting incident involving a Virginia Tech student group’s private chat that was made public on social media. The chat amplified content that is contradictory to our Principles of Community and core values as a college. As a business community of scholars, we acknowledge and affirm freedom of speech but challenge the harmful nature of speech that debilitates what we are striving for – an inclusive environment where everyone has a sense of belonging. In moments like these we are reminded that we must continue our efforts to inspire and drive change in Pamplin, Virginia Tech, and our global society.

By now, you may have read and reflected on the statement President Tim Sands, Executive Vice President and Provost Cyril Clark, Vice President for Strategic Affairs and Diversity Menah Pratt-Clarke, and Vice President for Student Affairs Frank Shushok, Jr. issued in response to this recent event . We echo their call to action for students to “harness your agency, raise your voices, get involved, and build the world you dream to see.”

Let us work together to ensure our individual and collective actions manifest in behaviors that reflect the college, institution, and society we hope to be.

Be committed.  Be well.

Robert T. Sumichrast
Dean, Pamplin College of Business

Janice Branch Hall
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Pamplin College of Business