In our previous strategic plan, Pamplin targeted key areas of focus we wanted to be known for and invest in. These areas include emphasized technology and analysis that improve business, entrepreneurship that leads to innovation and innovative companies, and international opportunities for learning and research. We refer to these areas of focus as the “Pamplin Pillars.”

For this survey, we would like you to evaluate our current pillars and a few others we are considering as a part of our Strategic Planning process. Please look over the options below and answer the questions to follow.

Business Analytics - The systematic analysis of vast collections of business data to inform business decisions

Entrepreneurship - Enhancing education and increasing faculty research in innovation and entrepreneurship

International Business - Educating students for the global marketplace and enabling them to understand how to work effectively with people from different countries and cultures

Global Sustainable Prosperity - Educating the next generation of business leaders to produce sustainable environments, develop resilient economic and social systems and enhance the human condition around the globe

Cybersecurity - Assuring information and systems security and effectively managing risk in an Internet of Things world

Healthcare - Developing sustainable systems that enhance human health and well-being

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