The continual success of the Pamplin College of Business can be attributed to many aspects of the college, but there is a specific group of highly respected professionals who help to harvest innovation for the future.

The Pamplin Advisory Council (PAC) is the senior-level advisory council that is dedicated to the success of Pamplin students and the college overall. From CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, to company presidents and founders, as well as successful attorneys and directors, this board of alumni gather to generally advise Dean Sumichrast, along with college associate deans, department heads, and other program leads.

Comprising of approximately 65 current members, PAC members belong to one of four different committees:

  • Cabinet: These members advise Dean Sumichrast directly on key policy issues and set long-term future goals for Pamplin.
  • Career Services: These members provide advice on the types of career services Pamplin should provide in order to advise students and graduates for job placement assistance.
  • Student Recruitment: These members provide guidance regarding increasing the amount of applicants to Pamplin programs and brainstorm ways in which to encourage accepted applicants to pursue a career in business.
  • Alumni Engagement: These members provide advice and structure for potential alumni engagement opportunities, as well as providing oversight for the Recent Alumni Board (RAB) and RB Pamplin Society.

These prominent alumni have extensive experience in the business world and give back to the college in numerous ways. Through promoting, supporting and improving Pamplin from all over the world, the PAC is said to be the highest accomplished panel of graduates from Pamplin.

To hear from these individuals directly, join us in a short-video series of interviews with select members of the PAC, and learn about what your future may hold as a Pamplin College of Business graduate, and Virginia Tech Alumni.