Pamplin is in the process of discontinuing the B.S. in Business, Economics (ECON) degree within the College of Business. The last opportunity students will have to change into ECON or add ECON as a second major will be during the December/January change major period. As an unrestricted major, students will have 6 weeks to apply for ECON (December 19, 2016- January 27, 2017).

The fall 2016 cohort of transfer and freshmen students was the last entering class to have ECON business as a degree option. All admissions material for 2017 reflect this change.
The B.S. in Business, Economics degree will be awarded through May 2022. All ECON students must complete degree requirements by this time.

To our knowledge, the ECAS degree in the College of Science will continue indefinitely.
Please let us know if you have any questions – contact your Pamplin advisor or Katie Wells (