2019-20 SGA president Adil Sageer. (Photo by Christina Franusich)
2019-20 SGA president Adil Sageer. (Photo by Christina Franusich)

Adil Sageer, Virginia Tech’s Student Government Association (SGA) president for 2019-20, has established some substantial goals for the SGA.

Sageer, a junior majoring in computational modeling and data analytics in the College of Science, wants to put student and university relations at the forefront.

“My administration’s main goal is to maximize student government’s engagement with our campus and university administration,” said Sageer. Joining Sageer in his mission is Blake Barnhill, SGA vice president and a junior majoring in computer science in the College of Engineering.

Sageer wants his team to organize new events for the student body, while also focusing on the growing needs of the students, such as mental health awareness. Minority representation and Greek life representation in SGA are also priorities. By focusing on these aspects of student life, Sageer aims to form a stronger connection with university administrators.

“We hope to utilize our university governance seats to strengthen our relationships with university administrators and ensure that the general opinion of the student body is a meaningful component of high-level decisions,” said Sageer.

By having a stronger relationship with the university administration, students are going to be more connected with the university and the overall decisions that are made. This will make students feel like their voices are heard and valued, Sageer said. 

When asked how students can become more involved in SGA, Sageer said, “We have positions available in executive committees, the General Assembly, and the judicial branch as well as a few executive branch officer positions that we will be conducting interviews for early this semester.”

Sageer’s journey with SGA has allowed him to gain the experience and knowledge that will help him and his team accomplish their goals. His involvement in student governance began before he was a student at Virginia Tech. He worked with his high school’s student government and continued when he arrived at Virginia Tech. He was also a member of the Executive Committee for Equity and Inclusion during his first year. Sageer is involved with SEED, a student-run organization that manages a $5 million endowment fund.

As for advice for new students and current students, Sageer said, “Take advantage of the community we have on campus by engaging with people from different academic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds than your own.”

— Written by Jane Nunn, a junior majoring in national security and foreign affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences