students at business horizons

The line at Squires Student Center was out the door on the morning of Thursday, September 5 as students arrived for the Fall 2019 Business Horizons career fair. Regarded by many as Virginia Tech’s “Super Bowl” of job recruiting, the event consistently yields large numbers of students, companies, volunteers, and opportunities; and last week’s event was no exception. More than 3000 students attended the fair and its events for the chance to network among a lineup of over 140 companies. Hokies came prepared to make a good impression and the strong turnout resulted in more than 500 next-day interviews following Thursday’s event.

Whether in search of full-time employment, internships or an opportunity to practice personal elevator pitches and gain confidence in a professional setting, Virginia Tech students consistently bring their A game to Business Horizons. The Fall 2018 fair was attended by 2,949 students and over 600 next-day interviews were conducted by the more than 100 companies that attended. Maria Wallace, a Technology Consultant at Accenture explained that the positive reputation and steady growth of BH have made it a can’t-miss event each year. “We come down and try to get the best candidates but everyone is so well-qualified coming out of Pamplin, it’s just so great to come down and see so many qualified students.”

“Employers love recruiting at Virginia Tech because they see a lot of potential and success from Hokies,” explained Dania Rivas, this year’s Business Horizons Publicity Committee Chair. Rivas has been involved with the committee for three years and shared how the experience has helped her to grow professionally. “Getting involved has given me a leg up in terms of networking and applications because I have been able to get to know recruiters. All the positions I have gotten have been because of Business Horizons and the networking opportunities.”
students at business horizons

The student organization that carries out Business Horizons events is made up of committees for publicity, logistics, corporate correspondence, and hospitality. Students on each committee dedicate their time to the planning and organization of the event so that Business Horizons can continue to be a rewarding experience for both students and recruiters.

“It's satisfying knowing the team plays a role in helping students get their careers started. The team is full of awesome people who work hard and I enjoy seeing the outcome of the planning that's done prior to the fair,” said Mussa Seid, Business Horizons President.

Written by Alison Monahan

students at business horizons