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Photography & Videography

Photography and video play critical roles in advancing Pamplin’s brand, driving connections with the college, and raising awareness of academic programing, experiential learning, research, extracurricular activities, and much more.

Requesting Photography and Videography Support

All departments and units are encouraged to capture photos and videos on an ongoing basis and integrate photo and video into their communications activities. Pamplin’s Communications and Marketing team is also available to provide departments and units with photography and videography support. Please complete this request form to connect with the team.

Photo Library

Pamplin Communications and Marketing team is in the process of working with Pamplin IT to deliver a college-specific photo library. In the meantime, please access the university photo library for existing photos or contact the Communications and Marketing team with specific needs.

Media Release Form

You do not need to use a media release form when capturing visual content of Virginia Tech students and employees. Please use a media release form when you are capturing visual/audio content of:

  • Any non-Virginia Tech student, including those under the age of 18 (a guardian will also need to complete the form).
  • Any non-Virginia Tech speaker/presenter when you do not alert the speaker in advance in writing that the session will be recorded/there will be a videographer/presenter present.

Please retain the media release form for 3 years.