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Major & Minor Checksheets

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Major Checksheet Information 

  • Official major checksheets are housed on the University Registrar’s website.
  • Click the orange link below to view checksheets alphabetically or by college. 

Minor Checksheet Information 

Explore the Pamplin College of Business minors by clicking on the minor names. Click the maroon link below to view all minor checksheets (listed alphabetically).

Apply for a Pamplin minor via the online minor application. Please contact businfo@vt.eduwith any questions about minor requirements.  

The Business minor is available to students enrolled in a degree-granting major outside the Pamplin College of Business (exception: Real Estate students are eligible to pursue the business minor).  Students pursuing this minor will complete 40 credit hours in accounting, information technology, marketing, management, and finance.  This minor will give students a foundation in all areas of business and is commonly pursued by students majoring in engineering, liberal arts, and science.

Digital marketing encompasses many areas of application, including mobile marketing, internet marketing and e-commerce, and social media marketing. Demand for graduates with digital marketing skills has grown rapidly and resulted in numerous career opportunities. Some examples include, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Engineer, Director of Digital Marketing, and Digital Marketing Coordinator. The 21-credit hour digital marketing strategy minor is open to all Virginia Tech students and is designed to provide students with exposure to, and mastery of, a wide array of concepts and techniques that are relevant and necessary for timely and effective marketing action in the digital marketing environment. The curriculum emphasizes the development of digital intelligence to enable sound strategic decisions that employ digital media.

The Entrepreneurship–New Venture Growth minor requires 18 credit hours of specific coursework and is available to students enrolled in a degree-granting major outside the Pamplin College of Business.  It focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to create new ventures and lead their early growth. The objective is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to convert ideas into business successes, particularly in the context of engineering and science‐based technology commercialization. 

The Hospitality & Tourism Pathways minor in Event and Experience Management is available to all students at Virginia Tech and provides options of emphasis in sales management or event operations management. The minor consists of 18 credit hours and provides students with content and practical experiences leading to professional growth opportunities in the event management industry. In the United States alone, there are over 18 million events and meetings organized every year. This creates career opportunities for students who aspire to design, plan, and manage the execution of events or for those who prefer the challenge of sales and the techniques involved in building customer relationships through effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Students pursuing a major outside the Pamplin College of Business (with the exception of Real Estate) may apply for a minor in Finance if they have a minimum 2.50 overall GPA, have completed 24 hours at Virginia Tech, and have completed the math requirement. The minor consists of 30 credit hours of coursework in Finance and supporting areas of business. In order to complete the minor in business, students must have a 2.0 GPA in all required courses

Earn your Business Practices to Improve the Global Human Condition (GBP) minor, which qualifies as a Pathways minor. This minor consists of 21 credit hours and is available to all Hokies that participate in a Pamplin approved experience with a social or economic change component. This interdisciplinary minor will teach students how to address societal issues using sound business practices in an international setting. 

The International Business minor is open to all Pamplin College of Business students and requires 18 credit hours of coursework, a foreign language requirement, and an international experience (exception: non-Pamplin majors can pursue this minor if they participate in a Pamplin international experience). The required international experience may take the form of a study abroad program, an international internship, an international co‐op assignment, recent residency in a foreign country, employment in a global business‐related institution abroad, and some university international service-learning programs.

In addition to the general International Business Minor, students also have the opportunity to pursue International Business Minor in the following tracks: International Business Minor-China Track and International Business Minor-Korea Track. 

2022 IB minor_southeast Updated.pdf
2021 IB Southeast Asia Updated.pdf

The Pathways minor in Organizational Leadership is open to students across campus graduating 2022 and later. The curriculum enables students to serve as more effective leaders within their organizations. Each student takes courses to improve their competencies across four areas: creativity and innovation; critical and strategic thinking; intercultural communication; and holistic thinking and ethical reasoning. Students also participate in a leadership field experience which enables them to develop areas specific to their own needs. The leadership minor consists of 18 credit hours, nine of which can also count toward a student's Pathways to General Education requirements.

The BOLD minor is replacing the Business Leadership minor.  Business Leadership is still available for students graduating in 2021. 

Sales positions are critical to all firms and are expected to increase by as much as 25% over the next several years. This has created strong competition among employers to recruit the very best graduates. The minor in Professional Sales is available to all Virginia Tech students and requires 21 credit hours of marketing coursework.  The focus of the program is to provide students with critical communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills key to helping organizations build long-term customer relationships. These skills will be valuable not only to those pursuing sales careers but also to anyone aspiring to obtain managerial positions – positions that involve presentation of plans and ideas, negotiation, and persuasion.

The Real Estate minor is open to all students at Virginia Tech. The minor requires 22 credit hours of interdisciplinary classes from Real Estate and other areas including Building Construction, Finance, Marketing, Property Management, and Agricultural and Applied Economics. The minor provides students with a high-quality learning opportunity to gain fundamental and specialized real estate knowledge, while they develop skills in critical thinking, communication, teaming and leadership. This minor is an excellent opportunity for learning more about the real estate industry and collaboration.