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Academic Advising Covid-19 (Coronoavirus) Updates

Submitting Advising forms via email

Students can submit forms electronically via email to their advisor or

  • Do not include the student ID number in the form or email. The advisor will add the ID number upon receipt.
  • Digital and scanned signatures will be accepted, as will email confirmation statements from VT email addresses (e.g. “I agree to the terms in the attached form; please accept this email as a signature”).  
  • Make sure to save the completed form and then send it as an email attachment from the student VT email account.

Some of the files below are in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. NOTE: Do not complete the forms below in pencil.

Academic Appeal

Students who wish to appeal their academic suspension for reasons other than medical issues should use this form.

Academic Appeals Petition.pdf

Academic Probation Contract

Students on academic probation should complete this form and submit it to their academic advisor in the first two weeks of the semester.

Academic Probation Contract.pdf
Academic Probation Contract Return from Suspension.pdf

Academic Relief

  • Please click here to request academic relief through Cook Counseling
  • Please click here to request academic relief through Schiffert Health Center
  • Please click here to request relief through Services for Students with Disabilities

Authorization to Take Courses Abroad

  • Students who are traveling on an exchange or third-party program (not a VT program) should use this form.
  • Course syllabi should also be included when submitting this form.
  • Please contact Jennifer Clevenger, with questions
Authorization to take courses abroad_092017.pdf

Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere

Students who wish to take courses at a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) school, at Richard Bland College, at another U.S. 2-year college, or at another U.S. 4-year university and transfer the credit to VT should complete the survey at this link:

International students looking to take courses in their home country and transfer the credit to VT should complete the survey.

Course Substitution

Students who are requesting a CLE, college, or major course substitution should use this form.

Substitution Form.pdf

Declare/Change Option or Concentration

Students who wish to declare or change their option or concentration for ACIS, BIT, FIN, MGT, or MKTG should use this form.

Change Major Concentration - updated January 2020.pdf

Drop Major or Minor

Current Pamplin College of Business students who wish to drop a major should use this form.

Change Major Concentration.pdf

Exam Change

Students who have three or more final exams in a 24 hour period should use this form.

Final Exam Change.pdf

Independent Study/Undergraduate Research

Students who are participating in an independent study or undergraduate research with a professor should use this form.

Independent Study.pdf

Overload Request

Students who wish to request permission to take more than 19 credits in a fall or spring semester, 6 credits during a winter session, or 9 credits in a summer term should use this form.

Overload Request 2019.pdf

Real Estate Restricted Electives Plan of Study

Students majoring in Real Estate must have an approved plan of study for required restricted electives.  Students should use this form if they are completing a Plan of Study from the list of approved majors and minors.

RE Restricted Electives.pdf

Request to Change a Course to Pass/Fail Before Deadline

Students who wish to change a course grade status from A-F to P/F or from P/F to A-F should use this form.

PF Form - updated 3-13-2020.pdf

Request to Drop a Course, Add a Course, or Change Grade Mode after Deadline

Students who are requesting to make a change to their schedule after published deadlines should use this form (e.g. add a course after the fifth day of the term).  Only extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control will be considered.

Late Form.pdf

Resignation/Withdrawal From Term

Students who wish to resign from a term should use this form from the Registrar


“W” Grade Policy (Course Withdrawal)

Students who wish to request to apply the “W” grade policy to a course should use this form. 

W Grade Policy December 2018.pdf