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Jennifer Labit

Jenn made her mark on the world by conceptualizing, developing, patenting, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and retailing new brands within the mom and baby space, propelling her most recent cloth diaper brand, Elemental Joy, onto disposable diaper shelves in Walmart stores. Jenn is best know for her brand, bumGenius. She owns many patents domestically and internationally in the mother and baby care space.

Her privately held company developed out of a $100 investment and is now a multi-million dollar concept-to-consumer operation representing on-shelf consumer brands that are manufactured and shipped to businesses and consumers all over the world. Those brands serve the baby diapering, breastfeeding, adult incontinence, and menstrual care categories.

In 2008-2009, Jenn served as the founding chair of a 501(c)6 trade association. She used her own personal story of diaper need to found an impact oriented national cloth diaper bank providing diapers to underprivileged families living in cities across the United States.

Over the last ten years, Jenn has served as a private advisor to some of the largest retailers in the world, assisting buying teams through transitions into the natural product space. She is a futuristic, economic-minded thinker with an eye on how we are going to be transacting in the future. Her background in data architecture and platform design gives her a unique perspective on current global economics. She serves as a Board Director and teaches academically about various topics including entrepreneurship, platform economics, corporate social responsibility, big data analytics, and strategy at notable universities including Washington University in St. Louis, Columbia University, and Virginia Tech.